Dress Code, Club Rules and Bye-Laws explained

We kindly ask for your help in supporting the Dress Code, Club Rules and Bye-Laws

Reopening Dress Code & Club Rules

Press on the link below to see our temporary reopening dress code and Club rules.


Gentlemen are required to wear smart business attire, this includes a jacket and long-sleeved, fully button-fronted collared shirts. Ties are not required to be worn in the Club's public areas. 

Ladies are required to wear conventional smart business dress, which includes smart trouser suit, skirt or dress.

Smart jeans, provided they are not ripped, stained, soiled or stonewashed, worn with a jacket and a long-sleeve, full button-front collared shirt are allowed in the Courtyard 7 days a week, all day (please note that this does not apply to the Adam Room or Round Room where the formal dress code is still required); in the Dining Room from Monday to Thursday until 5pm, all day on Friday including the evening and at the Family Sunday Lunch event on the last Sunday of each month.

At the weekend and at breakfast in the Dining Room, jackets are not required and short-sleeved button-fronted shirts or smart polo shirts are acceptable.

In the Summer months of June, July and August, you are not required to wear a jacket in any of the public areas.

Sportswear, polo shirts, all denim, jeans (with the exception of the above), vest tops, leggings (including jeggings), casual zipped or leather jackets, sweatshirts, fleeces and trainers are not permitted unless you are within the Sports Area or AQUA Café.

All outerwear, such as overcoats, hats and scarves, should be hung in the cloakroom on the ground floor, the Dining Room cloakroom on the second floor or the coat racks provided in the function rooms during your event.


Gym and Classes

Appropriate exercise clothing and footwear is to be worn and only discreet team jerseys are allowed. No caps or headwear are permitted with the exception of headbands.

Swimming Pool and Steam Room

Swim caps are recommended for use in the pool and we ask that those with long hair use a swim cap or tie their hair back. Swimwear should be kept to the wet areas of the Sports Club (Poolside and Changing Rooms) and must be used in the Steam Room.


All players must have appropriate, non-marking squash shoes in order to play. There is a £50 fine for improper shoes on court. If in doubt, please ask at Sports Reception where they can check for you or to purchase/rent appropriate squash shoes.


Mobile phones and all digital communication devices must be on silent and may only be used for verbal communication in the mobile phone booths (first floor and Sports Area) and fourth floor business suite or outside of the Club. Verbal communication via any electronic digital device is not permitted in the Courtyard. Non-verbal digital communication is permitted throughout the Club.

Single use of laptops is permitted in the Library, fourth floor business suite and in the Aqua Café. Single use of tablets, iPads and E-readers is permitted in all public areas of the Club for reading purposes.


Laptops, tablets, business papers and briefcases for presentation purposes may only be used in the Library, fourth floor business suite and in the Aqua Café, for groups of up to four persons. 

Reciprocal Members

Dress Code, Club Rules and Bye-Laws

When visiting the Club, a valid letter of introduction must be presented on arrival and all Reciprocal Members and their guests must abide by our Dress Code, Club Rules and Bye-Laws.


Reciprocal Members may book only one room for themselves.

In order for us to confirm your reservation, we require an official letter of introduction by email to reservations@lansdowneclub.com prior to your arrival. The letter of introduction is valid for three months.


Reciprocal Members can use all the dining outlets in the Club, however all special promotions are purely for our Members and their guests.


Members from reciprocal Clubs may only use the sports facilities for a period of up to one continuous month within a 12 month period. We require a letter of introduction from your Club to sports@lansdowneclub.com in order to issue a temporary membership card. Use of the Fencing Salle is not included.

A fee of £17 per Reciprocal Member for each visit must be settled, unless you are staying at the Club in which case this fee is waived.

Reciprocal Members may bring two guests at any one time, guests are required to settle a fee of £17 per visit.


If you are interested in becoming a Member, please click below