At The Lansdowne Club, our Staff take great pride in the service they provide to our Members and their guests

Please find below a selection of our current employment opportunities.

Have you considered what it may be like to be an employee at The Lansdowne Club?  Connect with us on our social media sites to learn about what makes The Lansdowne Club unique and hear directly from our employees about why they love to work with us.  If you have any questions about our Club leave a comment in our latest post!

At The Lansdowne Club we believe in.

Excellence: is at the heart of everything we do including our service and facilities, the way we work with stakeholders and support and train our employees. We strive to offer the best that Clubland can offer.

Heritage: We are custodians of Fitzmaurice House, responsible for preserving its history and heritage for current and future members of our Club. Our Club is privileged to enjoy a unique and rich history of Lansdowne and Clubland traditions which we seek to preserve whilst also remaining current and relevant for the community we serve.

Inclusive: Our Club is a welcoming and inclusive space, with equality at its heart. The Club has always accepted men and women members and today strives to ensure a balanced and diverse social community.

Sustainable: To thrive and flourish our Club must operate a sustainable business model that treats all Members fairly and equally. We must also minimise our impact on the planet, its resources and people. We are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and where possible seek to lead by example to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

Innovative: We consider new ideas, technology and new ways of working so that we can deliver the very best. We must evolve to remain current and relevant and are committed to innovation in all our key decisions.