In order to become a Member of The Lansdowne Club all applicants are required to be proposed and seconded by two existing Members of the Club. On the occasion that an applicant is unable to provide a proposer or seconder it is possible to express an interest by completing this form.


The Lansdowne Club has a waiting list for membership which is currently managed on a one in, one out basis. From time to time, the Club may call upon applicants outside the waiting list. At this stage, the Club will review any individuals that have expressed an interest in membership and invite them for an interview with the Club Secretary, followed by an interview with a panel of selected Members from the Club’s Council and Committees.


Please note that by expressing an interest there is no guarantee of being invited for an interview. Should the applicant garner full support from both meetings the usual application process will then apply. If not invited for an interview or to apply for membership the Club is not bound to give any reason.


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